Mec-Gar® Featured in Guns Magazine Column

Mec-Gar® Featured in Guns Magazine Column

Jun 26, 2015

MIDDLETOWN, CT. – Mec-Gar® was recently featured in in a column on carrying a couple extra Mec-Gar brand magazines in your pocket when shooting. The reviewer highlights the 1911 Officer 9mm 8 Standard magazine for its light weight, conveniently small size and usability with a Nighthawk Custom T4 9mm.

You can load up on the magazines right here on the Mec-Gar website - $27.90 apiece for the nickel magazine and $25.25 apiece for the blue. The magazine’s tube is carbon steel, heat-treated for added strength, with a high-tensile music wire spring, steel follower and welded butt-plate.It’s the quality magazine you’ve come to expect from Mec-Gar.

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