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The World's Finest Magazines

over 1 million
OEM magazines supplied to date
Employees across Italy and the USA​
Years in the making​

Design & Innovation

Always on the target

Long Lasting Spring

Strengthened Feed Lips

Carbon / Stainless Steel

Self-Lubricating Polymer /
Stainless Steel Follower

Carry More Power

Extreme Reliability

Uncompromised Quality

Thanks to the R&D Innovation For Shooters Department, we are since 1965 we have been improving magazines by engineering innovations that allow you to load more rounds, keeping the original shape, or by adding our IFS Pads.

Mec-Gar loaders are built to last over time, subjected to the toughest stresses. The production cycle, entirely carried out by our company, has optimized each process to offer you the highest quality.

One of the essential components of any magazine is the spring. For this reason all our springs are produced internally, to maintain a constant level of high quality, durability and resistance. Most firearm jams occur from spring load problems, did you know?

The magazine feed lips are essential to guide each bullet correctly into the chamber of the firearm. For this reason they must remain intact even after thousands of operating cycles. We have reinforced all the feed lips of our loaders, to make them optimal and long-lasting in any type of use.

We are the only company that produces every magazine, in all the production processes, internally to our company.
The heat treatment process is also carried out entirely by us on each loader, both carbon and stainless steel.

The follower is the component that works in contact with each bullet in the operation of each magazine, but not only, its friction also affects the internal barrel of the magazine and must slide perfectly without any defect to allow the firearm to function optimally. For this reason all our followers are engineered with extreme care and made with the best materials, able to guarantee perfect durability and smoothness.